"The Cry of the Holy Spirit, from the Throne Room of God to 
the Hearts of Men in the Nations of the Earth"
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"The Hidden Wisdom Of God Ordained for the End-Time Church and the Revelation of Jesus Christ as Revealed on the pages of the Scriptures"
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School Of the Spirit this week

Sundays 3pm local Time

Second floor the Clarion Hotel,
Opposite Jeevangee Gardens & Meridian Hotel, Moi Avenue Nairobi

Our Apostolic Missions in The Nations

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"Recognized as one of the finest contemporary, apostolic, and prophetic Ministries, The Cry of the Spirit Ministries is a Move of God outside Denominational walls. It flows along with the Glory of God, from Nation to nation, City to City, kindling the Hearts of believers with the flames of grace and truth, and accurately presenting the word of truth and righteousness plainly"

Africa Prophetic & Apostolic Invasions

"Africa will lead the mass evangelism that will Usher back Jesus Christ as King of Kings and LORD of lords. The mandate of the Ministry in Africa is to stand in the Throne Room Presence of God, hear what He is saying to His Church in Africa and cause every heart to hear, and run with the word."